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Fruit Trees

Growing your own fruit can be very rewarding; there is nothing as wonderful as the taste of fresh fruit ripened on trees in your own backyard. When you produce your own fruit you know exactly what chemicals have been used on the fruit.

Glover Nursery Fruit Trees

Glover Nursery Leaf Fruit Trees.

Many types of fruit can be grown in Utah including apple, pear, peach, plum and cherries. Fruit trees are not hard to grow they just have a few requirements to be healthy.

Fruit trees require the appropriate balance of water, food, sun and ventilation to grow healthy and build resistance against diseases and pests. Careful clean up of debris around trees and proper pruning will help prevent diseases. Treating diseases and pests upon discovery will help you avoid larger problems and the over use of chemicals. The planting area should have at least a half a day of sun and be protected from the wind. The soil should have reasonable drainage.

If you have a small area for fruit trees you may want to consider trees that have more than one variety grafted on to the same tree. Espaliered trees are also good for narrow, confined areas. Genetic dwarf and columnar varieties are also good for small areas or can be grown in containers. Remember to consider, when planning your garden, that some varieties need pollination, which may require planting two different varieties of trees.

We carry a great selection of hardy fruit trees as well as small fruits that include raspberries, blackberries and grapes. Our experienced, knowledgeable sales staff can help you with your selection.

Latest Tree Fruit Advisory, with information on:

• Codling moth (with spray dates for a few locations)
• Fire blight warning (EXTREME in most areas through May 17)
• Aphids
• Thrips on nectarine
• Coryneum blight

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