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Glover Nursery History

History of Utah’s First Family Nursery

James Albert Glover from England, a convert to the LDS church, immigrated to Utah in the late 1800’s.  A blacksmith by trade, he partnered with Archibald Gardner (bishop at the time) of Gardner Village fame. One of James’ sons, Albert was called to serve a mission back in his homeland (England). During his mission, Albert became acquainted with the Queen’s gardener and began to learn about cultivating and propagating plants.

After completing his mission and finding his true passion in life, Albert Glover returned to Utah and began his own nursery, which he named Jordan Nursery, on his farm in Midvale, Utah. He ordered many varieties of trees and shrubs that were shipped to him bareroot by steamships, and rail. Some of these varieties were the first of their kind to Utah and some even to the United States.

James had four sons. One took over his nursery, while the other three opened nurseries of their own not far from their father’s. One of them was the owner of the first Glover Nursery. Parley R. Glover bought a 10 acre plot on the corner of 7200 South and State Street, on which he grew potatoes and trees. Parley had his own son, Parley W. (Ike), who ran this nursery with his sons until his father passed and then sold the property.

Shortly after closing the nursery, two of Ike’s sons, Rod and Bryce, set out to start their own landscaping business. This landscaping business became a one-acre nursery, also called Glover Nursery, on 6200 south, just west of 900 East. The nursery thrived there until 1985 when Rod and Bryce purchased a 10 acre lot in West Jordan. This new property opened up many opportunities for the Glovers to expand.  Ryan Glover, Rod’s son,  is the latest member of the Glover family to run the nursery.

The nursery is still thriving, and during the busy season it employs over 75 people. Glover Nursery has become one of the biggest and the best retail nurseries in Utah. With five generations of Glovers in horticulture, and three generations currently involved with the nursery, Glover’s is one of the few nurseries that can say, “When it comes to every aspect of the nursery business, we’ve done it all!”

Parley (Ike) Glover