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Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs form the backbone of any landscape. A varied mix of conifers, broad leaf evergreens and deciduous tress and shubs will provide year-long beauty and interest to your home landscape.

Glover Nursery Trees and Shrubs

Glover Nursery Leaf Glover Trees and Shrubs

We carry hundreds of varieties of trees and shrubs in a wide range of sizes and prices. Our large selection makes it easy to accommodate any budget and landscape need. We are dedicated to offering the highest quality trees and shrubs at competitive prices.

Most shrubs are offered in 1#, 2#, 3# or 5# container, some shrubs are sold in larger sizes. We carry the tried and true shrubs like Spirea, Barberry and Boxwood as well as hard to find items like Fine Line Buckthorn and Tiger Eyes Sumac. We have a great selection of Utah natives and drought tolerant shrubs; our selection includes Snowberry, Sumac, Broom, Sage, and Yucca.

We have acres and acres of trees that include shade trees, and evergreens. Our tree sizes in containers are 1#, 2#, 5#, 10#, 15#, 20# and 25#. Balled and burlap sizes include 1.25” to 3” caliper, and evergreens 3’ to 12’. Our selections include many flowering ornamentals like Crabapples, Flowering Cherries and Redbuds as well as stately trees like Maples, Ash and Sycamore. We carry many evergreens like Pines, Spruce and Cedar and some that are great focal points in a garden like weeping and dwarf varieties.

Some shade trees are available in large specimen sizes however the selection is limited. Tree and shrub selection is updated throughout the summer; availability of all varieties and sizes can vary.


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